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Chile: while the glaciers melt, we elect to think in earth as a resource

Yesterday a piece of glacier broke off and produced a flood that destroyed houses and lives in the Patagonian town of Villa Santa Lucía, in the Province of Palena in the Los Lagos Region.

Today as in a macabre irony, the majority votes of the country elect a government of the right, which promises growth and markets. While the planet overheats and disturbs the rhythm of an economy based on the consumption of fossil fuels, Chile chooses the path of the economic as a way of life, the promises not to stop the productivist march, the intensive use of the planet as an available resource . And ecology as a nostalgic and useless knowledge.

In dark times, when the left has nothing to say with roots in the earth, voices that rely on machinic solutions are victorious and triumphant.









It is the same sign that elevated Trump to the government, denying the effects of two centuries of economy and assuming that the old world still exists. Gesture that could make Latin America surrender to extractive delirium in pursuit of an impossible development.

The new majority remains faithful to an idea of ​​progress as the great collective organizer. He didn ‘ t make a dialogic road with the broad front and didn ‘ t built an explicit agreement with the Frente Amplio, a possibility for negotiation and agreement, a condition of real politics. Freed to the fate of numbers, of large numbers, we played our ideas at random. The principle of irresponsibility has imposed.

It is no surprise that the clay muddies with the constructions of the West. Both the small rooms of these colonizers, and the great ideas of economy, growth, resources.

A river of mud cruelly connects the externalities of the oil economy with a village of rural settlers.

An electoral campaign that never mentioned the word Anthropocene in its debates, as if the leaders inhabited another planet.

The defeated calls to reformulate progressiveness. But the word progress has been the flag with which the West has devastated our knowledge, with the ecosystems and the species that have allowed this knowledge. As if progress was not part of this flood of moral mud that submerges us.

It’s dark and cold tonight. Tomorrow will come a sun, early and riser . The earth will receive you alert.

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